Reed Arena Specifications

Reed Arena’s main floor is 32 feet below ground level. A seven-story building could be built on the Arena floor and not touch the ceiling. The ceiling’s superstructure is built to handle 100,000 pounds of special lighting and sound equipment.

Production Equipment

Reed Arena is equipped to handle a wide variety of events — concerts, sports, trade shows, dinners and almost anything else. Tables (of various sizes), chairs, cloths, skirting, pipes and drapes are just the beginning. Stage-Rite stages can be built up to 40X80′ at heights of three, four or five’. Various stairs and ramps are also available.

The Arena has a distributed PA system and all meeting rooms have in-room sound systems. Three portable Clearcom systems are also available. Arena lighting is extensive and includes five Lycian 2K Xenon 1290 XLT spots and six high-end Cyberlights. Twelve one-ton and two half-ton CM Lodestar chain hoists and both 20X20″ and 12×12″ trusses are also available. Sixty-foot tall maroon velour curtains can be rigged to extend almost the width of the arena floor; about 30 feet of white 60-foot tall curtains and 32-foot tall black curtains are also available.

Please call (979) 862-7333 for specific equipment information for your Reed Arena event.

Dressing Rooms

Reed Arena has star dressing rooms fully furnished with private shower/restroom facilities. In addition, three “visiting team” locker rooms are available.

In addition to team dressing rooms, Reed Arena has four “star” dressing rooms and offices for visiting production staff members. Numerous concession stands and restroom facilities are located on the main concourse that encircles the building.


The arena has two elevators for public use with easy access to all areas. Two service elevators also are available for loading and unloading equipment.

Loading Dock

Reed Arena’s loading dock is sub-grade. Trucks have access to the event floor via a 24 by 16 foot overhead door located near the loading dock area. Crews may unload and load event equipment directly onto the arena floor.


Reed Arena has an exposed steel grid ceiling, 77 feet above the arena floor. This grid has a rigging capacity of 8,000 pounds per chord member and 8,000 pounds per vertical hanger for a total rigging capacity of 100,000 pounds.


The telecommunications systems in the arena are state of the art. Reed Arena can accommodate computer/data connections, digital services and local/international services.