June 2013 Usher of the Month

Alonzo Warren

Nomination comments…

Reed Arena Event Manager Randle Jackson presents employee Alonzo Warren with the May 2013 usher of the month award.

Alonzo Warren and Reed Arena Event Manager Randle Jackson.

The person that we are honoring this evening has not been with us for a very long period of time, however they have successfully managed to earn the respect and admiration of both their peers and superiors. This person is quiet and very unassuming by nature, but he epitomizes the true spirit of customer service. I cannot count the number of times that I have seen this person go out of his way to help someone who was in need, and Leslie and I are just glad that everyone else has finally taken notice as well. Some of the kind things said about this individual is that they are “friendly, hardworking and always willing to help. And that this person is “very likable because he treats everyone with a great amount of respect.” I want all of you to join me in applauding our usher of the month for June: Mr. Alonzo Warren.