January 2013 Usher of the Month

Mollie Campbell

Mollie and Reed Arena Event Manager Randle Jackson.

Mollie Campbell and Reed Arena Event Manager, Randle Jackson.

Nomination comments…

It should come as no surprise that we are honoring this person today. In her 10 plus years of service at Reed Arena, she has witnessed a lot of change; whether it be through change in personnel and staff, changes in the building policies, or through changes in the appearance of the arena itself. One thing that has remained constant through all of that time however is this this person’s loving spirit and kind nature. She greets everyone that walks through our doors with the warmest smile and the kindest of words, which is why we have her permanently stationed at our main entrance. You can tell that she takes a genuine interest in everyone that she encounters, which is why I think that we are all so fond of her. Please join me in congratulating Ms. Mollie Campbell.