Usher of the Month

*We are in the process of developing the nomination for the NEW usher of the month!

Lonnis Chargois

Nomination comments…

Tonight we are honoring an individual that has given us a decade of service. Consistency and dependability are the two traits that come to mind when I think of this individual. In fact, this individual is the person that I approach if I have a question or concern about the best way to do something. As you would imagine, this individual is admirably looked upon by his peers, not so because of his tenure, but primarily because of his demeanor and how he treats everyone. Some of his nominating comments are as follows: “He is patient, and always willing to take the time to explain why we need something done. He is always positive and has an encouraging attitude.” I would like all of you to join me in congratulating our usher of the months of January – February: Mr. Lonnis Chargois!



Lonnis Chargois and Event Manager Randle Jackson